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Fluxus Hungary, art Pool in Budapest are doing a great job, they have got the Fluxus feeling. Rafael Montanez Ortiz Who the hell is he showing at gallery David in Bielefeld, and who announces his show as Fluxus. Arken Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark. Or just another stupid movement trying to be new? Who did the job to give them the Fluxus virus?

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Or do they make as if? No mine were rich but got ruined. I call that small. Making us look as if we were important. Lots of these notes were just scribblings that I can't decipher any more. Answers : Because of our great intelligence? Beer and peaches by Gene. Knizak asking us to excuse the new minister of culture in Prague but he was kept by urgent matters. By the way, why did she leave Essen? Fluxus roots If Fluxus was a tree where are its roots? call girl wiesbaden sexshop bonn

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Trotter A Princess in Berlin by Arthur. Bolzano they got from each artist around 100 signatures for one million lires. Kleist in meiner Küche: Eine moderne Novelle by Miriam Sachs Knut: How One Little Polar Bear Captivated The World by Craig Hatkoff Das kurze Leben der Jüdin Felice Schragenheim. Ce qui corobore la critique que fait Maxwell dans "The European" : la presse et la culture françaises sont ethno-centristes. Good thing in the Köln show was the artists and listening to them, talk about how they met Cage and Beuys. Something is wrong in the world of art Lure 2215 market street proposes to Emily Harvey for 250 a record by Ben, for 800 dollars three small enveloppes containing some of my stupid ideas, how come? Ce que j'aime dans la Mudima et dans Gino c'est une certaine attitude envers la vie et l'art qui contient le doute.

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Jule fisse haderup pigerne Rowse The Man with the Clubfoot by Valentine Williams A Man Without Breath by Philip Kerr Marcellino's Restaurant Report : Berlin und Umgebung by Marcellino. Amadeo Al Hansen's pupil is very handsome and has the most beautiful smile in Köln. Caterina Gualco lifted her glass and said : "I drink to Fluxus. Only ego problems left. The importance of Fuxus is in music and that comes from Cage and Zen " said Marchetti, Hidalgo approuving with a nod "No!
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